Minimum Input Maximum Output

My colleague, Tamara Nathan, and I have found a solid formula that produces maximum results with very little input. Our MiMo Programme involves activities that take only 6 minutes a day. It comes in the form of a video which the children copy and requires no teacher or parental training.

Research Results over One Academic Year completing The Mimo Programme.(12 months is normal improvement)

  • Maths 17 months
  • Sentence Reading 22 months
  • Word Spelling 21 months
  • Verbal Comprehension 19 months
  • Working Memory 29 months
  • Short-Term Memory 31 months

Full information is available at

After more than a year of ‘brain storming’ various techniques in both our methods, Tamara and I now believe that we have found a solid formula that include maximum result with very little input using various exercises that take only a few minutes a day.