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My son has a myriad of issues including dyspraxia possible dyslexia auditory processing and coordination difficulties. I was in despair when someone recommended Myrom who had transformed not only her little boy’s life but hers too. I called him whilst my son was in Reception.

Myrom did an assessment and started sessions with my son twice a week at school. He gave my son confidence and a real boost to his self esteem which is vital in the hussle and bustle of the playground. He helped him with his football and taught him how to ride a bike. He is now teaching our son how to skate board.

My son feels like he is a champion at writing and press ups. Myrom has given him 2 cups for his hard work and has involved the whole class in congratulating my son on his progress. Myrom and my son are working on improving my son’s coordination and spatial awareness. I cannot say strongly enough how much Myrom has improved my son’s quality of life.

Parent Feedback

Our five year old son has had weekly sessions with Myrom Kahaner for the past four months. He almost instantly developed a strong bond with Myrom and waits for each session with great anticipation and excitement. In a very short time we saw a big improvement in his motor skills, self esteem and confidence.

Myrom uses a “hands on” approach and physically encourages and guides our son to overcome his difficulties and perform the given tasks. We are amazed at the speed of his progress and constantly astonished at his new found skills.

We highly recommend Myrom’s warm, nurturing and professional skills in helping children overcome their short comings. We have seen our little boy become so much happier, and this obviously reflects on the whole family, since Myrom came into our lives.

Sam’s Mum

We have been delighted with all the work Myrom has done with Sam. He has enabled Sam to develop physically as well as improving his social skills and confidence. Sam is extremely fond of Myrom and we all appreciate his measured opinions and invaluable input into all of our lives. When we look at Sam now and see all that he has achieved both physically and socially we are delighted that the hard work that Myrom put in (along with our own and of course our son’s!) was well worth it.

I cannot recommend Myrom hilghly enough and genuinely believe that he has an innate understanding of how children perceive the world and how best they will be able to fulfill their potential and maintain their high self esteem.

Parent Feedback

Maria’s progress over a period of 8 months with Myrom has been astounding. The progress Maria has made with regard to her fine motor skills, spatial awareness and confidence is quite remarkable and clearly noted by all those in contact with her. Maria thoroughly enjoys her sessions, looking forward to them with great enthusiasm. She is blossoming and progressing every day.

We cannot thank Myrom enough for his dynamic approach in continuing to help Maria reach her potential, equipping her with necessary life skills and developing her confidence to deal with lifes challenges.

Parent Feedback

Myrom is a miracle worker. He has been working with my 2 sons, both diagnosed with dyspraxia, for over 2 years now with breath taking results. When he started working with them they could not stand on one leg or catch a ball. Now they can ride a bike. Myrom has a real gift when it comes to communicating with boys. Even at their most resistant, he finds a way in and wins their cooperation. His approach is holistic and in Myrom they don’t only get to improve their balance and coordination but also get a life coach and a friend. Myrom’s experinece spans many disciplines as well as many years and they all show. Myrom is unique, a one off, and I cannot thank him enough or recommend him enough.

Talia Price, mother of 3, Hampstead.

Myrom’s unique approach of integrating both the physical and the social aspects of development has been tremendously helpful for our son. Our son anxiously awaits his time with Myron as he loves the physical challenges and the opportunity to discuss what’s “really on his mind.” We are deeply thankful for the role that Myrom has come to play in our son’s life, both as a physical therapist and a trusted mentor.

Julia, mother of 7-year old boy