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Physical confidence is a direct result of the communication between the body and the brain regarding their ability to efficiently respond to a physical challenge that might be life threatening. i.e. walking at night in the dark, travelling on the underground train as its stops inside a tunnel for a few minutes etc. The back part of our brain, which is responsible for activating the survival mechanisms with its reflex abilities, is not aware or interested in the fact that this is the 21st century. As far as it is concerned we are always at the cave man stage of survival; being able to hunt, while not being hunted at the same time, requires optimum sensor-motor integration, with various parts of the brain supplying the essential, special awareness.

The level of accuracy in the motor movements feeds back to the brain and determines the development of physical confidence. An uncoordinated body impacts on the development of physical confidence, self-esteem, social communication skills, assertiveness and more.