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If your child slouches when he walks and leans back in a chair when he sits he’s increasing his chances of injuring his spine. The postural behaviour your children are learning now will stay with them throughout their adult lives. Poor posture as a child can mean back pain as an adult. Poor eyesight can also contribute to bad posture if your child is forced to bend over his books just to see the print. If your child hunches over his desk to peer closely at the page, have his vision checked.

Children are more likely to have good posture if they go without shoes as often as is safe, as this helps them to get more ‘sensory information’ from their feet and will promote better walking and postural skills. Allow your child to go barefoot around the house, and in other places where it’s safe, as a way to improve their posture.

Insufficient coordination, negatively impacts majority of muscles that take part in holding the body upright.