Sensory-Motor Integration

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Our brain receives countless pieces of information every second from internal and external stimuli. It classifies, organises, stores, recalls and utilises this information, as it provides the basis for learning. Sensory processing is the organisation of sensory input from our body and the environment for our use. Praxis is the ability to plan and sequence unfamiliar actions. Motor performance is the actual execution of the gross and fine motor coordination.

Our brain directs and processes the traffic flow of information and translates it into a language that it can understand, one that is primarily electrochemical. Through our five primary senses, we learn and develop through interaction with our environment, and through the special senses of proprioception, nocioception and the vestibular system, our brain is able to establish the status of the body and make relevant adjustments in relation to its environment. All that processing takes place much more slowly, and creates various levels of anxiety in an uncoordinated body. Developing the brain through the C.Q. programme, directly addresses sensor motor integration issues.