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Areas of Speciality : Specific Abilities

Here are some lists of the specific abilities that I work with

Gross motor skills, such as:

  1. Responsiveness
  2. Co-ordination (to reduce clumsiness)
  3. Cycling – without stabilizers
  4. Swimming
  5. Ball games
  6. Rhythm movement

The improvement of fine motor skills, such as:

  1. the use of knife and fork
  2. tying shoe laces
  3. doing up a tie
  4. zipping up
  5. doing up buttons
  6. cutting with scissors
  7. using a door key
  8. cutting own fingernails

Neurodevelopment therapy can develop a personalized support plan for your child.

Physiotherapy allows patients to improve their mobility and quality of life. This includes developing or recovering gross motor skills such as grasping, alking, or jumping; improving flexibility and strength; as well as learning how to maintain a healthy posture when sitting and standing.